Roommate Nightmare

I went into my freshman year of college without a roommate and entered the pool with a blind draw. As soon as I saw the person who was assigned to be my roommate I knew her and I was completely different and may not have a lot in common. What I did not realize is just how different she was from me and how much of a nightmare it was going to be to room with her.

Not only was my roommate a pot-head, but she also smoked inside of our room and even tried to grow a marijuana plant in our window sill! She also played scream-o music while I was sleeping, or at least attempting to sleep due to her loud music. One day I even came home from class and found she had moved all of my things to her side of the room because she wanted to use them! And on the nights when she was not talking to her boyfriend until three in the morning, she would sneak him into the room when I was asleep or not home, and have sex with him in the room – while I was there! Needless to say this relationship did not last long and I talked to the RA about putting me in a different room, before I killed my roommate. It was a nightmare and terrible way to start my college experience, so want to caution everyone about going in blind and to use serious caution when choosing a roommate!


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